1885 - United States


October 28th, 1885


I called on Mr. Stone last night and spent a very pleasant evening with him at his house at Greenwich - he happened to be at home and alone until his son (Mr. Ralph) came in about 9. Mr. S. was greatly interested in the account of my travels and incidents after he left me - P.F. sent a sample of the new biscuits to New York hoping I should get them before the day I had arranged to sail, leaving it to my discretion as to whether my visit should be prolonged a few weeks more - Mr. Ralph Stone wanted them to telegraph to me to stay, but Mr. Mead thought better to leave it to me - however I saw nothing of the samples at the time of leaving. It was very singular that they should have been thinking about sending me a cable message on the Friday and I was certainly looking out for one all the day. Have just come down here and after dinner must begin work in earnest - accounts are very good and I am glad to see all has gone on without a jar during my absence. Governors think I am looking wonderfully improved in health - much love to you all and believe me my dearest Angee.

Gildridge Hotel, Eastbourne October 28, 1885

Ask Mr. Robertshaw to make his cheque payable to bearer - then you can use it.

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