United States, Canada

May 21st, 1900

Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver, B.C.

My Beloved Angee,

Your welcome letter of 3rd Inst. is to hand this morning a few hours before my departure from Vancouver – it has been delayed 2 days but am thankful it came before I left. Very sorry to hear that your eyes have been so painful again and do hope you will be able to find a good occulist who may be competent to give you a pair of glasses suited to your sight. It must be a great privation to you I am sure not to be able to read or work. We had a very happy day here yesterday morning afternoon & evening – the little gathering has grown in numbers and the saints in grace since my last visit. The leading bro. a very godly man but in humble circumstances has 9 children and seven of them are in happy fellowship with him and his wife in this place – I took tea with them all y'day in the kitchen and enjoyed the meal more than the food they gave me at the hotel. The wife is a little Briton. Sorry to hear dear Nellie has been suffering so much with tooth ache and hope now she has seen a dentist she will be relieved. God bless you and all our loved ones in Bristol and believe me with much love ever.

Yours very affectionate Husband

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