United States, Canada

April 22nd, 1900

Through mercy Had a good rest last night and am feeling much refreshed today – the meeting here has grown considerably since my last visit and they appear bright and happy in their souls. The Lord gave us a good time together this morning and it was no wonder that our poor hearts are made to burn and be glad when we remember the love of our Saviour – the Lord Jesus Christ who went even into death for us that God might make us new creatures in Christ. It is very lovely to see the freshness and simplicity among the saints here – the Lord preserve them for His own pleasure during the little while we have to wait for Him. I expect to be with them for 2 or 3 evenings and trust it may be for our mutual profit and edification.

Received a cable from Peek Frean soon after my arrival y'day - it came through New York where my whereabouts was known – they asked if I would extend my journey to Japan & China and omit Canada as soon as I reach Vancouver. I have replied "regret unable fear climate." It was very good of them to place such confidence in my ability to serve them and it is a pleasure to me to be any help in the business, but I am not so young as I was and I know the weariness produced by Asiatic climate which I have not now the power to stand against that I once had – I feared too that it would be a burden for your heart and mind to carry which I could not lay upon it after all you have borne.

Have not yet received your letter but hope to get it in the morning – shall post this tonight so that it may not miss next Saturday's mail from New York – much love to you once more my beloved wife – God even our Father multiply His mercies to you and keep your heart and mind in peace. Much love too to dear Martha Mildred – Minnie and all dear friends at Ilfracombe Eunice & Eliza & Mr & Mrs Shapland & believe me my dearest Angee ever

Your very affectionate Husband

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