United States, Canada

April 2nd, 1900

New York

My Beloved Angee,

Your first dear letter dated March 23 was put into my hand last Saturday the 31st so I had not long to wait for a letter. You will not be so fortunate as the letter I sent last Saturday is travelling by a 10 day boat and will consequently be delayed longer than usual. I can quite understand how you would feel a little lonely especially after our being together so many months, but you must cheer up my dear Angee – the few months will soon pass and I shall not make it one day longer than necessary to get through the work. We are having the most perfect weather on this side which is most refreshing after so much wet altho' I see a few traces of snow still left in corners of gardens.

I went to the New York meeting y'day morning and the Lord gave our hearts a most precious time together in the remembrance of that love which could go even unto death for us. There have been many nice young men brought in lately – two from the Salvation Army, so that there is much freshness in the meeting – as they desired it we are coming together again this evening for a reading. Y'day afternoon I went over to Brooklyn to tea with our dear bro. Whelpley who had invited a few others to his house and in the evening I preached the gospel to a well-filled room and had great joy in my own soul in delivering the message of God's sovereign love to this poor sinful world. A dear young bro, a son of Captain Trigg of Hamilton, Ontario would accompany me in the car across the bridge and see me in the car taking me to my hotel door – it was very kind of him as he lived in Brooklyn and had to return there again. Hope to be with them tomorrow evening for their reading and the next day D.V. I go to Chicago. I have brought my tickets at Cook's today for the trip right through and back for which I shall have to pay over £40 -.

Well this morning the business commenced and I had to call on the lion firm of this place (Park & Tilford) who have hitherto been impregnable against P.F.&Co. – I did pray most earnestly that God would graciously give our goods favour in their eyes – soon after 9 I called upon them and my prayer was answered – they gave me just a sample order for 100 tins of each three kinds of those choice wafers (300 tins).

My heart went up to God in thanksgiving before I left the office and on going down to our own depot shortly after Sarl and Fitch could hardly believe the good news and were overjoyed. So the many prayers of my beloved brethren in England are heard and answered and I can only bow and worship God. I received a very kind letter from dear Mr Lowe just now from the South of France – he was just going into Spain – Mrs L. has been very sadly but is much better he says which is a great mercy to them. This letter will go back by the "Germanic" leaving here the 4th and will probably reach you on the 12th or 13th – I shall add a little more tomorrow before closing.

April 3

Very happy time last night again and encouraged in the business today – now packing up for first stage to Chicago tomorrow – God our Saviour bless and comfort you and with much love to your dear self and Mildred and dear Martha believe me my beloved wife every your ever affectionate Husband.

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