United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

October 6th, 1899

On board the "Arcadia", Indian Ocean

My Beloved Angee,

We are now in tropical weather again of which you appear to have had a taste during the summer. For the first 3 days of our voyage it was anything but pleasant for us having a gale on our beam so that we were rolling heavily night and day making sleep a difficult task even for me but through mercy I have been in my usual good health – am feeling a little anxious as to what P.F.&Co.'s instructions may be at Colombo and do hope they may not detain me long or hinder my returning at latest by December – indeed I shall be very much disappointed if prevented from going on by this ship as arranged.

Oct. 9th – Monday

I have been very prostrate with the tropical heat – my poor body as usual like a person with sun pox – the nights are very trying – it is like being put into a vapour bath – I cannot stand it as in former years and I do wish and long to get into our own climate once more. I am not at all in the mind for breaking my journey at Colombo but must wait patiently until Wednesday morning and then their letters will let me know what their wish is. It seems like another beginning after one's mind is looking forward to a finish up.

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