United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

October 1st, 1899

Royal George Hotel, Albany

My Beloved Angee,

I found your welcome letter at the P&O Office y'day morning (date Aug. 19) with enclosure from dear Daisy. Am now waiting arrival of the "Arcadia". In my last I mentioned that I purposed going up to the goldfields – this has been another chapter of experience quite unique in its way an account of which I may give on my return. You will be glad to hear that I had a very good business in both Coolgardie, Kalgoorlie and Boulder City and the most perfect weather it was possible to have – in some respects it was one of the most amazing sights I have ever seen in the world. Have had about thirteen hundred miles of railway travelling since landing here 2 weeks ago. On calling at the P&O Office here to get some labels for my baggage some letters with your dear handwriting – one from Angie from Taunton and another from Sarl in New York were handed to me 2 cables from England – one in code words from my milk firm, the other Peek Frean & Co.  – "Break journey Colombo" which did not give me much joy and will I fear give you some little disappointment. However on arrival there I shall get letters learning what it is they wish me to do – if to touch India I must decline – if only to work Ceylon, the "Arcadia's" stop at that port will give me all the time I should require to work this place so that I could resume my voyage in the Arcadia. No doubt they want to make the best use of my services and I am glad to be able to help them. My funds are again getting low and I have borrowed £10 off Albert's friend which please send Albert a cheque for as it passes as a remittance to Lysacht. Please send it at once – I would have done this but had no cheque book – P.F. may remit me some more money to Colombo as they know I have had to raise the wind – you will have provided for the £50 – I gave a cheque for at Melbourne. This note accompanies me on the ship and shall no doubt be adding there if posted at Colombo so that you will know of my movements.

I should not be much surprised to have them command to call at Egypt once more which would take another fortnight.

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