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September 11th, 1899


My Beloved Angee,

I am beginning to realise that the journey around the world is now drawing to a close and am very very thankful to have been so preserved and our hearts can trust the living God for all the needed mercies that will bring us face to face once more if He will. In these parts the rain has been wanted badly to save ruin for thousands – last Saturday it came and has continued, so that now everyone's face looks happier and no doubt many thanks have gone up to the Father of mercies for these fruitful showers which He has given. The dry weather was most grateful to me having just passed through so much wet – am glad to say my knee is better but not yet quite recovered – have enjoyed the time in Adelaide – not so much business as in Melbourne but fairly well – am feeling a bit fagged with the work and my samples are all out of order and want renewing but they must last out for the journey now. Have spent every evening with the little company of the Lord's gathered ones here – y'day we took a small room in the City for the afternoon and evening – not many beside our own company in the afternoon but a nice number of strangers in the evening and a good time. It will be quite a new experience to return by the Suez route – it is many years since that I came home that way – the last I think was by the same boat the "Arcadia" from Sydney.

Sept. 12th

I shall follow this letter for a thousand miles toward home and shall be glad when Western Australia is finished to get on board the boat that will D.V. carry me through to Plymouth. Hope the boys have enjoyed their holidays which by this time are matters of history I expect. It is rather a formidable host to marshal out and home.

Have my packing up to go through once more and a job it is I assure you – it will be a treat to have them stored away in the box room out of my sight – I mean in our own little cottage. Have had 3 flannelette day shirts made for the journey home – or rather through the hot part of it – it will be cold enough in the Mediterranean I dare say.

Trust you are keeping up in health – no doubt you were to some extent relieved on receiving the message from P.F.Co. as to the purposed time of my arrival.

Your letter this week will not reach me until the morning I embark for Albany and I may be able to write again and leave my letter in board. Well the Lord continue all His mercies to you my dearest Angee and with much love to yourself and with much love to yourself dear Mildred and all our loved ones believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

Sept. 13th – all well

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