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September 6th, 1899

Commenced writing a little more y'day but was hindered – now it is mail day and the time is nearly up. Am very thankful the journey is drawing to a close – it is a long time to be away from home and I am not as young as I was 67 years ago – my knee continues to give trouble and the pains are worse by night than by day, but through mercy I am in my usual good health in every other way. There is a little injury I think to the knee caused by the fall at Belfast – trust the rest on the voyage may set it right again. The little gathering here is a great cheer to my spirit – we get together every evening at one of their houses and there is a nice interest in the word. The town has had a great deal of excitement lately with an American Evangelist who has been holding a mission for several weeks under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. – he is called Gatman and it is said there have been 7 or 8 hundred conversions.

I fear there will be war at the Cape – the English Government have dallied too much with the Boers who have been preparing for war for years. It will be a serious time for the British people in the Transvaal. Well for us the Lord's shout – the archangel's voice and the trump of God will remove us for ever from a scene of strife and blood shedding to be for ever with the Lord.

The Lord preserve His own who are in the midst of the trouble and us all – patiently waiting here where He has been cast out while He waits in patience up there and God continues to glorify His name in calling out a people for Himself.

And now my dearly beloved Angee I must conclude once more with much love to your dear self and all our loved ones and believe me ever.

Being very affectionate Husband

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