United States, Canada

December 3rd, 1898

Palmer's House, Chicago

My Beloved Angee,

Found your dear letter of Nov. 18th with enclosure from Daisy and Miss Brittan awaiting my arrival here yesterday morning and could only rejoice and give thanks for the many mercies it brought tidings of. God willing I purpose leaving here for New York on Tuesday arriving on Wednesday afternoon – a 27 hours ride and this will complete the railway travelling which has rather tried me. I purchased a ticket to Winnipeg for the entire journey from there to New York for which I paid $150 – (£30) it was I should think a yard and a half in length, but is now reduced to more moderate dimensions and glad enough I shall be to surrender the last portion. I have written to New York for a passage by the Cunard boat Dec. 10 – I think it is the Lucania one of the newest so that there is a chance of reaching L'pool on Friday night in which case I should sleep there and take the first train home via Bristol on Saturday morning – will send you a wire on reaching Queenstown also from L'pool. Oh how thankful I shall be to have a little rest at home after all that I have gone through in the way of labour and travel.

You must have had quite a busy time of it when writing your last letter – I hope your dear sisters will enjoy themselves – it is a mercy for you all to be so near one another. Have been busy as usual here and as there was not regular meeting, I have not seen any of the brethren yet, but shall hope to see them in the morning. Shall finish this letter then which will go by the Wednesday's mail – the following will carry the writer instead of the letter and trust in His mercy soon to see your dear face once more.

Lord's Day Dec. 4.

Thro' mercy the Lord gave us a very precious time again around Himself this morning – Remembering Him in death – what wisdom and grace He displayed in instituting this feast of memorial for His redeemed ones during His absence. I had pleasant remembrances of the gathering here and was glad to see their faces once more – dear bro. Heaney has been and is still with them for a little while longer and there has been blessing. There is a freshness and power in the meetings here that we do not know much about in England. May the Lord graciously revive us again. Brethren had heard of my movements in various parts, so were looking out for me. Had kind invitations to spend the day with some but felt the need of rest and quietness for my throat as much as anything as I have a little cold upon me. It is most trying to me the great heat of the railway cars and rooms and houses – a dry heat and then on opening a door the cold blast is terrible. I really don't know how they can live in their offices and in addition to the great heat they are smoking all day long and chewing.

I am longing to breathe the pure air of the Atlantic once more. Well the time will soon pass now and the Lord knows how my heart longs to be out of this scene of confusion – this City is an awful place – what a mercy to be delivered from its power and to be found in the company of the rejected one worshipping at His feet. Sovereign grace and mercy alone have made us to differ. To Him therefore be all the praise and glory.

Now with much love my darling Angee and trusting our gracious God and Father for journeying mercies all the way home believe me Ever.

Your very affectionate Husband

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