United States, Canada

November 17th, 1898

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California

My Beloved Angee,

I omitted to return the paper re- the Eastern Telegraph Shares in my last and will do so the first thing now that I am landed in this City. The share certificate they require is in my deed box at the Devon and Cornwall Bank Ilfracombe of which you will remember I gave you the key. Miss Brittan had better run down to Ilfracombe with the key and the accompanying note to Eliza who will understand what to do and will save you any further trouble in the matter. Miss B. can bring the key back to you when Eliza has finished with it, but I have asked Eliza to forward the share certificate to London.

I have also written to the Eastern Telegraph CO. explaining  the cause of delay in not sooner attending to their request – we have had a pleasant travel down from Portland and I got on very nicely with the two nights in the sleeper – i.e. getting good night's rest. It is much warmer here and my inside shirts are feeling rather sticky but must be careful about changing – expect to remain here over Lord's day and to set my face toward New York on Monday – my first stop Denver – shall not visit Los Angeles as it will take took much time – shall endeavour to leave New York either via Liverpool or Southampton by Dec. 7th (Wednesday) – with much love to your dear self and all our loved ones believe me my dearest Angee.

Your very affectionate Husband.

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