United States, Canada

October 9th, 1898

Lawrence Hall, Montreal. Sunday 9.15 pm

My Beloved Angee,

Your letter of Sept. 30 reached me this morning bringing the sorrowful tidings of my poor brother's death. I do trust that in the rich grace & mercy of God there may be some consolation for our hearts in his having left testimony that would witness a restoration of communion with the Lord before he died. I do trust it may have a voice to all his family and to all of us for it is deeply solemn – I feel it so for myself. It deeply touched my own heart at the Lord's table this morning and overshadowed me in thinking of what the heart of a child of God is capable of in slighting such love as the Lord displayed in giving Himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God and our Father – I am thankful you can say you are feeling better but sorry to find the cough has not yet yielded – God in His mercy be pleased to preserve you – I am sorry in one way to hear that you think of going to Ilfracombe because of the cough – I know your dear sisters will do all in their power for you but the wind is keen there sometimes. Am glad to hear Mrs Harper has recovered consciousness and trust she may be restored to her large family. We can understand their joy at having her still among them – a mother and a wife. The Lord has given us a good time in the Gospel again this evening – it has been a time of mutual refreshment for our hearts and unhindered fellowship. A great many strangers came in tonight and the large Hall was well filled.

God willing I am hoping to get away from here tomorrow afternoon for Ottawa – have been here much longer than I expected, but have been very busy every day and I hope my firms will be well pleased with the fruit of my labours. The goodness of God in the most unexpected ways has been great and while my heart would not rest in the thought of being successful, for all these things are passing away and death's stamp is upon everything here yet it is a witness of His care over us and gives occasion to Glorify Him.

I purpose to write James in a few days – Martha will hardly have gone up to the funeral but I dare say Albert will have been present – expect Henry will feel it very much especially the wreck the poor fellow made of His testimony – I remember when he was very bright and fresh and Christ was his all – well blessed be His name He is the same yesterday and today and for ever.

Do be careful my darling Angee of the cold winds and don't go out except in sunny dry weather – am glad to hear Miss Brittan and many look well after you and get nice nourishing things for you continually. Give my very kind love to dear Eunice & Eliza if still with you – am very glad they have been with you it has been I know a mutual cheer for you all – also give my kind love to dear Martha and now with much to your dear self believe me my dearest Angee.

Ever your affectionate Husband

Oct. 10. 6.30 am

All well.

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