United States, Canada

September 27th, 1898

St Lawrence Hall, Montreal

My Beloved Angee,

Arrived in this city last evening at 6.30 and was able to get to the prayer meeting and see the dear saints once more – it was a mutual joy to our hearts.

This morning soon after 8 a brother who was not there last night called and wanted to have a reading this evening but my mail had to be prepared so had to say no. Have had a busy day's work in making preliminary calls leaving cards for the three firms and getting some appointments – so far have been encouraged. At Quebec the business was very good – better than ever and I am greatly encouraged altogether in seeing P.F.&Co. trade reviving in places recently visited. By the last mail they enclosed a slip giving the orders received from Australia, Tasmania – New Zealand and Winnipeg about a week after I left London – one very large firm in Sydney I had great difficulty in doing with - kept on calling and getting No! but just before embarking on board the Warrinoo for Vancouver I called again – the manager smiled and said what not gone yet? No I said I want something from you before I start – take out your book came from his mouth which I was not long about and he gave me a good line – his order now is about 4 times as large which greatly comforts me and for which I gave thanks to God for His mercy and good news – I had a long rest at home through the Summer but now it is real work I assure you – taking about 30 minutes rest after the midday meal and I am up and doing from soon after 6 in the morning until 10 sometimes 11 at night. Thro' mercy I feel well only want a little extra time in walking up hills.

The weather is very fine but rather warm – the suburbs of this City are dotted with beautiful villas and mansions – they appear to have a style of architecture quite their own. What a vast expanse of country Canada occupies from the Atlantic to the Pacific and yet the entire population of the whole country is only 5 millions – not so large as London. It seems incredible does it not. They get and spend more money than we do in England.

Well my dear Angee I hope you are getting along happily and enjoying the rest and quietness of home - hope too that every day is adding to your stock of strength which had gone very low – too low indeed don't deny yourself anything you think will be good for you – P.F. will send you a month's salary tomorrow and it is a comfort to my mind to think they have had a good measure of real hearty service on my part for it.

Trust to hear by next mail that dear Arundel is better and shall be glad to find that he has been able or will be able to spend a week or two with you – my love to all the dear children – the dozen – I expect Annie has returned by this time – she would have been glad to have seen her Uncle Edward in Montreal during the short stay she made. Well now to conclude once more – may the Lord keep you abiding under His shadow – the blessedness of His presence the deepest joy of your heart with much love my darling wife and believe me.

Your very affectionate Husband

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