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September 30th, 1897

For a change I have had an evening at home and since the 6pm meal have been over my papers and putting things straight and writing some letters. Have had a busy day again with the business and have taken a good line for PF&Co. am thankful to say and have cabled one order to them for enamelled tins wanted for Xmas. Mr Ellis – Mr Arundel's cousin dropped in just now and sat some time, I have promised to spend an evening with him one day next week – he is a nice man. Mr Davey arrived from Melbourne today and returns again tomorrow evening with Mrs D. – the son goes by the orient steamer on Monday. I received a very kind letter from dear Mr Whittaker of Melbourne just now giving me a list of names of brethren in Queensland but fear I shall not have much time for visiting. The distances here are so great that it is quite a journey to get to the meeting or to a brother's house for an evening reading. It is like going down to Instow or Braunton from Barnstaple. The train service is good and cheap and the Colonials do not think much of it. Last night I went to a sister's house about 5 miles and altho' I had been to the place on Sunday afternoon I could not find it last night in the dark and being late they came out in the road to look for and found me. There was a full house inside waiting – we had a good time and the Lord blessed His word greatly.

I am glad you have taken a deposit note for the money you did not require.

Oct. 2nd 1897

Yesterday I received your welcome letter of Aug. 20th with one from each of my dear girls Daisy and Angie – today your letter of Aug. 27 one week later is to hand having travelled by a very fast P.O. called the "Cluna". So my home letters are numerous and very welcome also one from Daisy again and one from her dear father from Bristol. I must answer your questions at once as to when I purpose returning although my previous letters will have cleared up this point I think – D.V. I leave here Oct. 18 for S.S. "Warrimoo" for Vancouver and Liverpool. My business at Victoria & Vancouver will take me about a week or 10 days and my intention then is to leave there not later than the 4th or the 11th of December if practicable a week before the earliest date. So you must cheer up my beloved. I was glad to get a line from dear Arundel who seems happy and getting on nicely with his work and at home. Sorry to hear of the flood you have had again. Tell Clara I am glad to hear the plant in the hall is prospering and making some new shoots. It was very nice your being able to stay at Ilfracombe with Arundel and his wife and it was very kind of Eliza to house you all.

I hope you will be comfortable in the Lord for a few weeks if you go up – if your sisters go with you it will be nice for you all and a great cheer to Harry & Emma. They will be glad to see you at the meeting at Wandsworth – please give my very kind love to them all – I promised to write them but have not yet done so.

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