South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Canada, USA

September 27th, 1897

Sydney N.S.W.

My Beloved Angee,

You had a short letter last and I must try and make it longer for the next mail so will begin in good time. I rose pretty early this morning and have just finished the morning's exercises – bath, cup of tea, dressing, reading and prayer and have a little time to spare before breakfast. We had a refreshing time here last Lord's day morning, afternoon & evening in the rich mercy and faithfulness of God. On Monday morning I had to begin the work in real earnest and received much encouragement and some promises of business – landed one good fish y'day for the Leeds house and am expecting a good business all round but have to keep closely at it and no jibbing. It has been very pleasant to meet many who had not forgotten me and have kindly greetings – I heard in New Zealand that Mr Ellis Mr Arundel's cousin whose friends lived at Ilfracombe was residing here and called upon him on Monday – on walking into the room where he was sitting he rose and came toward me simply holding my hand and not speaking for a moment – he looked very earnestly for some seconds, then said is it Mr Petter? You will understand all the rest – it was a mutual joy – he is looking very well and he thought your hubby was too. Some months ago he was voyaging from Hong Kong to Yokohama and met Dr Eitel on board my old friend. They soon found that they were the Lord's and in course of conversation Mr Ellis happened to mentioned my name and found that Dr. E. knew me – he has left Hong Kong and is now residing in North Adelaide where I have lately been and most probably passed the house where he is living several times. I went over to Mrs Barney's last evening to tea with a N.Z. brother who is here and who called for me. Mrs B. is [a] well to do lady and I spent a nice time with her on my last visit. We had a meeting near her house after tea – it is across the beautiful bay and is a grand piece of water and the surrounding country is very fine. This evening I go to a house many miles in an opposite direction for another meeting. I met a nice brother from Mauritius at the reading last night – he had heard of me when there some years ago and had purposed visiting that spot from Calcutta and they were expecting me but the illness at that time prevented my calling. I have had another day's hard work and have received some more promises. P.F. are quite out of the market altogether but I am hoping to get their goods in again for Day & Martin and Goodall Backhouse I am doing a good business – shall soon be finished in these parts now and on leaving here on Oct. 18 I shall commence my homeward journey so I hope not to try your patience very much longer. The Lord will make it up to you I am sure. It will be a mercy to see one another's faces again. He has been very good to us. In a chat with the lady keeping this hotel y'day it transpired that she mentioned Mr Cooley's name who was well known here and much esteemed. He was taken ill in the Northern part  and returned here as quickly as he could but only lived a few hours after his arrival at the hotel.

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