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June 22nd, 1897

Wellington, New Zealand

My Dear Harry,

The report of the wedding sent to your Ma by you with dear Emmas letter also was enclosed in hers to me and received with much gladness the day after I landed. The voyage was a long one indeed – it seemed a lifetime to be on the sea, but I enjoyed it very much and you will see my letters giving some account of it in due course.

Jubilee rejoicings are on a grand scale in this place – it is blowing half a gale of wind which has had a disastrous effect upon banners and illumination fixtures not very securely fixed – of course all business is suspended, but I was agreeable surprised to get a call from one of the best men here this morning who had made an appointment for tomorrow and I am thankful and encouraged with the good business he has done with me for all four of my firms – he was with me for about 4 hours. I had done some business before for P.F. but it is the first blood for the other houses. I should you[sic] like all the dear ones at 92 to see my sitting room and display of card and samples – biscuits, blacking, Yorkshire relish & condensed milk. A very useful line of goods as the Americans would call it. It is like going to school again to become acquainted with all the details of the various things and have to be continually referring to price lists and letters of instructions. The most appalling work however is in writing all the firms – the mail days however are only about once a fortnight but it is a bitter pill to swallow then I assure you and taxes my brains to the utmost. I often notice Taylor Bros. cards about the shops so suppose they must have some business here, done probably through the London houses.

I had an order last week from a firm here of three young men – one of them called Inge and find he is a relative of Mr May Inge of Canterbury. I trust you are making headway on your new ground and finding encouragement. Should be glad to drop in just to spend one evening with you all but alas there is near 13,000 miles now between us. Everything is thoroughly English except that they are Red Hot protectionists and made me pay a tax of £50 – before surrendering up my samples from the Custom House – that was a big draw upon my purse was it not. Was very glad that there were four houses to share the burden. Well I must close – I thought of my boys this evening and expect both will be glad to get a short note from Father – you will send the long one to dear Mother to make up for it. My dear kind love to dear Emma, Angie, Hilda & Margie also auntie when you see her, not forgetting yourself and believe me my dear Harry.

Being very affectionate Father

I shall be glad to receive a letter from any of you – God Bless you all my beloved ones.

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