USA, Canada

November 11th, 1896

The Powers Hotel, Rochester, New York

My Beloved Angee,

I seem to be whirling through space so rapidly that my poor brains fail to keep track as they call it here of the places I visit as well as the circumstances incident to the travel. Well I mailed your last letter from New York last Friday evening and on Saturday received my new mail from England – the one from P.F. announcing the death and burial of poor Mr Ralph Stone – it is sad work indeed and I cannot but think that if he had gone on a little more peacefully he might have lived longer on the earth, but all is sealed for eternity now. I was preaching at Brooklyn on Lord's day evening and singularly enough a very old friend of Mr Stone's (Mr S. senior) was present having heard I was to preach there and he appeared to know all the family very well – he said that Mr Ralph only had a plain nurse with him and his sister was in Spain – I can hardly think this is true but he had heard it. This gentleman is called Stewart and is connected with Mr Kelly's company and this I presume knew Mr Stone. Mr Sarl and Mr Fitch were also present at the gospel and said they were glad I invited them. On Monday Mr Sarl showed me a nice letter he had received from his father who is the Lord's and wrote a real fatherly letter to his son - on handing it to me he said after hearing you last night I knew you will appreciate the remarks of my father. On Tuesday morning I left by early train for a place called Oswego about 400 miles from New York where P.F. wished me to call and see the firm of I. Kingsford & Son the manufacturers of the Oswego Cornflour from which our biscuit is made – I reached there about 3.45 and made straight for the mills but the head of the firm had gone home and not be there until the morning, so I returned to the town and took two orders to be executed from our stock in New York – this is I expect the first sale made from the stores.

I could not get away from Oswego until 2.30 – then came back to Syracuse about 50 miles took a cab and made two calls and caught a fast train to this city about 85 miles further and I really dropped off here to have a little rest at a very comfortable hotel I had heard of rather than go on to Buffalo which would have taken other 2 hours travelling. Have just sent off my cable giving Cincinnati for next address and at this place I expect to see dear Emma's sister.

You are a splendid chancellor of the exchequer – it was a good lump to pay out but am thankful you had it to pay. Well now I am returning to rest. God bless you my beloved Angee  - I am thankful that you are feeling so much better – the time is closing in now and God willing shall soon be with you once more.

Buffalo – Nov 12th 1896

Have just been rolled over another 80 miles from Rochester where I have done a nice business today thro' mercy and now since my arrival here at 8 have had a good supper which I needed and finished my mail for another week.

It is now 11.0 pm so you see I work a bit of overtime now and then.

Well once more I must close – as usual my very kind love to your dear self and all our beloved ones and commending you all to God and His gracious Fatherly care believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

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