USA, Canada

October 26th, 1896

St Laurence Hall Hotel, Montreal

My dearest Emma,

On my arrival here a week ago tomorrow from Quebec I looked into the directory for your brother's address and wrote him a note saying I was here and would be glad to see him. The next day he called and was glad enough to see me – he seems to be a little stouter than when I last saw him and has gone very much like your dear father in the face. He had lunch with me and I have seen him nearly every day since and when dropping in near meal times has remained with me. On Saturday evening I went to his dwelling and spent an hour or two with his wife and children. They made a feast for me and while I was not hungry and did not need food your brother would insist on my having a bit of the breast of a nice hot boiled chicken which enjoyed with a bit of boiled bacon and a nice cup of coffee. Mrs Parks is a very dear woman and it is no *** all mercy for your brother to have such a wife. I was very much pleased with her and all her ways in the house. There is quite a little tribe of children and the baby is only about 2 months old. I took over a tin of biscuits to give to them and after I had been in the house a little while I asked one of them to bring it in to me from the chair in the passage where I had laid it on entering the house. It was a long time coming and when brought in they had opened it and cleared half its contents so you will see by this that they are rather of an enterprising turn of mind – they had made short work of the soft metal covering and removed that without any other aid than their tiny fingers. On the Lord's day evening your brother came to the Hall where I preached to a large congregation and his wife much wanted to come but was afraid to leave the baby. Willie seemed much impressed and returned to the hotel with me and we had a nice talk. Today he called again and hearing a meeting announced last night for this evening at a brother's house asked if he might, so he came and brought his wife and both seemed to enjoy the reading – there were about 70 in one room – it seemed all new to them. They have just returned to their home and before I turned in to my bed thought I would drop you a line just to let you know that I had seen them.

I fear he has had trying times poor fellow – indeed he says so and what a mercy it will be if God looks upon him and makes known His salvation to his soul. He wept in my room today and owned that he had never heard such words in his life as he heard last night. He tells me that he gets work with one of the architects in the City and is free to take any that he can get hold of beside.

Through mercy I am getting on nicely every week with my work and have done a good business for P.F. in every city I have been in for last 3 or 4 weeks. Trust you, dear Harry, Margie and the dear girls are all well – shall soon see you all again and in mean time with much love to each and all believe me my dearest Emma.

Being very affectionate Father

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