December 8th, 1894

Imperial Hotel, Pembroke Street, Cork

My Beloved Angee,

Your two letters brought the usual refreshment from home and I am glad to hear that you have had a little sunshine after all the fog and able to get out for a little walk. Also received my budget from P.F. with next weeks' cash sheets for the towns of Clannel, Tipperary, Waterford, Kilkenny, Bagnalstown, Carlow, Wexford, New Ross – about £30 – all told. Only 2 a/c's in Waterford making a total of £5 odd – this will tell you the state of their trade in these towns – my collections for the whole journey is only £296 – odd. I have decided to return here next Saturday the 15th D.V. as it is only a waste of time to stay out longer now.

I shall have an understanding with them before touching the work again and if they purpose to continue writing insulting letters they will have to find another – H.P. will not touch it. They have sent me a copy today of a letter to my friend at Tralee who had replied to their first threat and I should match it for folly against anything that was ever written and all about 5/3 and the loss of the interest of this enormous sum for 6 months to them.

Had a comfortable night at Skibberneen, and left there at 9 this morning for another outlandish place called Clonikilty – can you pronounce it? A man had written for a price list who I found was no good, but there was a high class firm in the place – such nice people – who gave me a nice order and may do a little with us until a few odd coppers arise and Mr H. Stone indites[sic] an offending letter to settle them – I have written them tonight saying that I had not enclosed an advising list feeling that it was only a waste of time to continue after the 15th on which date I purposed returning home.

Yesterday in this town a man was tried for murder and there was not the shadow of doubt about his guilt – the jury however found not guilty and about 600 people afterward marched the fellow through the town as a hero – this will tell you the state of the R. Catholic part of Ireland.

Am glad all the invalids are better and hope they will keep so and us all.

The week's work is ended once more – another week's mercies increasing our indebtedness to God our Saviour – we have had it fine too mostly which had made the travelling more agreeable.

Mr Besley will send a p.card acknowledging a remittance in a day or two which you can put on my table also the insurance receipt which I hope you have had ere this.

Well shall hope soon to see your dear face once more and all the other little cherubs with much love to you all believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

You have an address for Monday I think
Club House Hotel

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