November 6th, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

I have only just returned 9.0 pm from a long day's work and not one order – it has however been a beautiful day and I have got on nicely and doubt not shall do business at another time – have visited Newcastle a beautiful watering place – rode on an Irish car to Castlewellan about 4 miles from Newcastle returning same way and got into Downpatrick on my way back – a good size town which Mr P. does not appear to have visited for a long time and in which P.F. have no business.

Found your welcome letter here on my arrival this evening also one from Arundel and was glad to get them both – I have written to G. Bale to send me an estimate for the work and told him to send it to Lavendar Gardens when you can send it on – I enjoyed my budget of letters this morning – your and the dear children's and re-read them thro' the day – you ask me if I like this work I certainly much prefer my own house but I bow to it  and accept it from the Lord as if He is pleased to sustain me in it and can go on if health and strength is given but you know how I have felt for a long time and still feel that it is nearly time to retire. I have had a long day's work I think. Tomorrow D.V. I make another tour out and back and hope to leave here on Thursday morning with much love believe me my dearest Angee.

Your very affectionate Husband

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