November 5th, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

We have had a fine day and I have enjoyed the travel to Bangor and Holywood – two nice little towns by the sea. The former had no supporter of P.F&Co. but I opened with the best of the four dealers and may get orders from some of the others on my next call – at the other town we had two, one of which had been offended with the firm about some trifle of supplies the other thought from what he had heard from other travellers that P.F. were blotted out altogether – however both gave me very good orders much better than I could get from most dealers on my old ground and for a better class of biscuits, so thro' mercy  have not been without encouragement again today. I dropped into the best hotel in Holywood about 1.30 and asked if I could have some dinner – three very dirty women came and had a good gaze at me whose faces looked as if soap and water were great strangers – the Mrs I suppose said – well sure sir it's a bad day for mate but we'll be after trying - I replied O never mind have you got a bit of nice bacon and some eggs – we have Sir – then I'll have some and don't pour any fat on the dish – would you like a pratey[?] Sir – I should and soon it was brought in – one of the other girls first laying a cloth with large dabs of something or various things which since the time of its last cleaning had gathered over it – then the cutlery to match and soon followed the dish of bacon and eggs – the  eggs were all right but I had to send out the bacon to be browned a bit – however they did their best and I was hungry and received it with thanksgiving – thought too of very early days in North Devon when J. Woollacott used to say that I wanted eggs and bacon at every public house I came to. A bottle of nice ginger ale served for wine and 1/9 to pay & forward was the word. On my return here I had a good dinner at the 6.30 table d'hote. Tomorrow D.V. I go out again to some of the towns returning in the evening and if possible shall go away North on Wednesday or Thursday.

It has been a pleasure to think of dear Harry since reading your letter this morning and the kindness shewn him at Taylor's last Saturday – I expect he'll be "betending[sic] he's 6 feet" after such treatment. I only fancy how terribly annoyed Emma must have been when she heard of it and fancy I can see her saying I'd serve them out for it and work an hour extra every day to pay them out for it.

I have to move off early in the morning so am writing you tonight – I did not much expect that you would find the lease – Arundel certainly told me that Seldon was keeping it and I have some remembrance of his getting it from Seldon on my return from India that I might read it and giving it back to him to give to Seldon again. I should hope Seldon is not acting dishonourably as Arundel said something recently in one of his  letters about his (Seldon's) acting for Mr Frederick. Well God Bless you again my beloved Angee and with much love to you all believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband


Your letter and the dear children to hand – quite a budget to read in the train – all well.

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