October 30th, 1894

Avenue Hotel, Belfast

My Beloved Angee,

Arrived here from Dublin last night about 10 – got into a very comfortable bed room at once and had the refreshment I needed there for my body and your dear letter was a great cheer to my spirit and this morning (now 1pm) I am returned from the morning's work and find another and am thankful for all the mercy and care over and around you as I know you are for that which compasses my path. I returned with Dr Evans and dined with them on Sunday – was glad to see the saints again who gave me a very hearty greeting one and all – dear Mr Henessy especially who also made kind enquiry for you and Eliza -  Mrs Evans and many others also did the same – I spent a very happy day with dear Dr. Evans – we sat together in the drawing room with Mrs Evans and her three little girls around her chatting and reading until near 4 when I accompanied him to hear a converted Roman Catholic priest preach the gospel to about a 1,000 people – Mr Henessy knows him well and was also there and is much interested in him and his work. I had a busy day in Dublin and took 5 good orders from the best people in it – quite a nice batch altogether and for the best class of goods, so the Lord was good to me and gave me great encouragement to begin with.

It is a beautiful day here – quite warm – this is a very comfortable place and I have one of the best bedrooms and you may rely on it I will take all the care of myself I can for your sake. My cold seems quite gone and the cough and thro' mercy am feeling pretty well for an old man. The people I call upon remember me and they seem very nice and kind. Belfast and neighbourhood will occupy my time for the week I expect and I was very glad this morning on enquiring for a man to carry my bag to find the same one that I had on my previous visit – this is a great help for me as I get a little bewildered in these large places – in Dublin yesterday I had a capital close cab for the day and needed it too as it rained heavily the greater part of it – the parcel of boots has not arrived yet.

Now my beloved Angee, the Lord bless and comfort you day by day and our dear children and their little ones and with much love to you and all others of our household believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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