October 28th, 1894

Grosvenors Hotel, Westland Row, Dublin

My Beloved Angee,

The meeting is not until 12 here and it seems a long time to wait so thought I would drop you a line now instead of the afternoon.  I called upon Dr Evans last evening about 8 and spent a very pleasant evening with him and Mrs Evans and a young nephew of his whose name I do not remember. They made kind enquiries for you and Eliza and were glad to hear you were well also that Arundel had recovered the serious illness which befell him during our late stay in Dublin.

I had a busy day here yesterday and made a lot of calls and intend spending tomorrow here too, going on to Belfast probably in the evening by the 5.30 mail reaching there at 9.30 – our business is a desolation indeed "left not a wreck behind".

Went down to Bray in the afternoon to call upon one firm a partner in which I knew in Exeter many years ago, so you see I am trying. Most of the customers or rather that were at one time remembered me and were kind so that I found a little cheer in the dessert[sic] and hope to find a little fruit tomorrow.

I saw our old quarters y'day when calling at Mr Ireland's and had no wish to be there – this hotel is very comfortable and the same house keeper is still here and was very glad to hear that you and Eliza had recovered – she said the Influenza was very bad in Dublin at that time – she had it three times and it nearly killed her. I told her what a day it was that we went through to London – never to be forgotten.

This morning or rather last night in opening the parcels where I expected to find my best thick shoes I was rather surprised and amused to find my old shoes – it was my own work in wrapping them up and wonder how I could have done it – please make a parcel of the shoes – the thick ones – and send them by post to Royal Avenue Hotel Belfast. It is a beautiful fine morning and Dr Evans has kindly invited me to dine with them so I shall return from the meeting with them.

I have been asking the Lord to comfort your heart my beloved Angee – I am not far away and the few weeks will soon pass and I shall hope to see you again. Trust you are all well and I know all our household will do their best to make you feel comfortable. With much love to you all believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

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