South Africa, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand

January 19th, 1891

Cape Town, South Africa

My Beloved Angee,

I have just passed through an eventful week and a copy of my letter here will explain it to you, but never have I proved the goodness of the Lord as He has given me to prove it amid sorrow of heart that would otherwise have crushed it. Never have I seen the terrible state that we have fallen into nor has been made manifest here and I am unfeignedly thankful for the grace and the courage given to refuse the evil doctrines which have recently found admittance into our midst. A little paper of Dear Mr Pollock's calling attention to the four definitions of Eternal Life presented to us in Scripture was a great help. Two dear brethren came down to my bedroom yesterday Lord's day morning also in separation from the evil and we had a solemn time before the Lord in confession of our common sins and failure. My heart was deeply comforted by the words of the 107th Psalm. I little thought in the morning while I was breathing the reality of the air of Patmos that in the evening others of like mind would be manifested but so it was – a little company 10 or 12 met at a house who had been exercised and who also refused the evil doctrines – we sang hymn 142 and our hearts did delight to think of that dear Saviour who has manifested the heart of God to poor guilty sinners.

You must excuse a short letter as I am in the midst of packing up and expect the "Arana" in at any moment now. The goodness of God in the business is really wonderful – I have never in my life seen anything like it.

The Lord graciously sustain your heart's confidence and joy in Himself and abundantly bless you. I do pray that dear Arundel may soon be delivered from the snare into which he has fallen. Never have I seen the fearful character of this movement as I now see it - the pride and blindness in offence to Christ. Oh may God open the eyes of His beloved saints and give them to see where they have drifted.

Once more with much love to you my dearly beloved wife, dear Arundel, Harry & Emma and all the darling children, believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

Since writing the above I have received your welcome letter of the 17th Dec. and am sorry one of my letters missed. You may rely on it that I will never leave you again for any long journeys – I am quite purposing in my heart to make a finish of it this time – at any rate it may prove only on the condition that we go together. I do not like that side of it any more than you. Cheer up my beloved – the few months will be soon past and we can trust our gracious Father God and Saviour for all that's to come. I shall now be about 2 weeks on the voyage to Hobart if we leave tomorrow as is expected – you will see the arrival there noted in the paper but you cannot get another letter for a few weeks after this. Thro' mercy I am in good health and am very thankful to hear that you are well. Do be careful thro' the winter. Harry has not written me for a very long time.

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