South Africa, Tasmania, Australia, New Zealand

July 22nd, 1890

Near Madeira

My Beloved Angee,

You will have received my letter from Lisbon and tomorrow we expect to call at Madeira where another opportunity for posting will be given, after which, not again until our arrival at Cape Town. Lisbon is a very fine city of about three hundred thousand population beautifully built and very clean and orderly to. It impressed me very much as showing that the Portuguese are by no means behind as far as making things comfortable in this world is concerned. We are having beautiful weather now and I do not think I was ever on board a more comfortable ship in my life or where the comfort of passengers was more stressed – the food too is excellent.

The second class saloon is very full and quite a few came in to the meeting this morning at 9.30 – we have breakfast at 8.30 – which I am glad of as it gives a good long morning for reading writing and conversation. Lazarus has dropped into see me and says it is the most comfortable ship he has ever sailed in. The chief steward seems to have taken a great fancy to him and have given him a cabin in the saloon and he has his food with the stewards. Some of the passengers thought he was some Indian gentleman. I was requested to make salaams to mam sahib and all the children and to let you know how comfortable he was. It is reported there is small pox at Madrid and if so there will be no communication allowed tomorrow except to land a few passengers bound for that port. The Captain would run a risk of 21 days quarantine at Cape Town if he only took in one passenger which would not be pleasant for us. The weather gets warmer each day and by another week will be very hot for a day or two when near the Equator. The ship is rolling a bit so that it is rather difficult to write. The little time I have seems like a dream now that it is passed, but it was a time of much joy and gladness of heart in spite of all the little troubles and God has greatly cheered my spirit as well as strengthened my body and blessed my soul. Now that I am away again for a season it is good for one's heart to gaze above and see One Whose love is perfect and unchanging – Jesus our Lord and I think of home and thank God for a loving and faithful wife and for loving children and grandchildren besides the larger circle of God's redeemed people. The Lord bless and cheer you all with much love to you and all the dear children and believe me my beloved Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

Madeira, Wednesday morning

All well – not allowed to land. Tropical weather here.

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