Gibraltar, India, Malta

April 30th, 1890

S.S. Clan Macarthur, Suez

My Beloved Angee,

We are thus far on our voyage in safety through mercy and I am very thankful to be so near home and the prospect of once more seeing your dear face and the faces of all our dear children - we hope to reach Plymouth on May the 14th but it may be a day or so later. We go from Malta to Plymouth direct.

I hardly thought when leaving Calcutta I should have lived to see home again – I was never so ill in my life, the most complete prostration and loss of power and appetite. Lazarus is with me and I could not have done without him so weak and helpless have I been. I lay in this state for about 17days and then we touched a little colder weather which put new life into me  and since then I have rallied a good deal so that my legs began to feel like my own again. Calcutta was simply stifling so that I seemed deprived of all power to battle with the disease in such a climate. My chest was deeply involved or I might have gone to Darjeeling and I have suffered terribly from inflammation of kidneys and bladder which is much better now am very thankful to say.

I dare say it was a great surprise to you when receiving a copy of my cable to P.F.&Co. informing them of my intention to return on account of health breaking down.

Well all is in a Gracious Father's hands and it is whom He loveth He chasteneth - I have had sweet communion with Him in the affliction and can bless the hand as well as the wisdom – He never makes mistakes – we do and He knows what His purposes are concerning us and if He did not work for their fulfilment who could? I am hoping you may receive this a day or two before coming to Plymouth to meet me – I hope dear Arundel may be able to come with you to take care of you on the journey – I intend sending you a cable from Suez and another from Malta if possible when I may be able to say more certainly the day or our arrival. Trust you have been sustained and comforted my beloved Angee, I have besought the Lord constantly for you and all our dear ones – now with much love once more to your dear self and all our loved ones believe me ever your very affectionate Husband.

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