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November 26th, 1888

Jhansi, India (Monday)

My Beloved Angee,

I have not yet received your last week's mail – I wrote to the postmaster at Bombay to send them to Lucknow but for some reason at present unknown to me they have not yet come to hand. I left Delhi last Monday night for Cawnpore and after finishing my work there went to Lucknow on Wednesday evening. Saw Mrs Petter and her two daughters on Thursday morning and they had been expecting me for some days – George was still at Rania Tall[?] but was expected down in a few days so I did not see him -  we had an early drive all around the place on Friday morning which was very enjoyable – they were very kind and glad to see me and I got some nice conversation with them on Thursday evening when I dined and spent the evening with them. On Friday afternoon I returned to Cawnpore as I had purposed to spend the Lord's day at this place with dear Col. Beckett who had written 2 or 3 letters inviting me to come, so on Friday night about 10.30 I went to the station – took a ticket and by permission of the station master got into the carriage with my bed and after Rana had made the best of it I was glad to occupy the same – the train did not leave Cawnpore until 3.30 on Saturday morning. By this arrangement I was saved the very disagreeable necessity of catching a middle of the night train – bad enough in England but worse in India – arrived in Jhansi about noon on Saturday and found Col. Beckett at the station with a carriage and accompanied him to his Bungalow, a very comfortable one too and we have had a time of real Christian fellowship together. Directly on arrival to his dwelling and after landing my luggage I started off to call on a few merchants here and am expecting to get some results. One of the merchants called at Col. Beckett's early on Monday morning and gave me a nice little order.

On Saturday evening we had a prayer meeting and one soldier in fellowship also came with another who is desiring to take his place at the Lord 's Table and we had a good time in waiting upon God – yesterday Lord's day Cl. Beckett, the soldier brother and myself broke bread together at 7 am and found it a precious moment for our souls – soon after Col. B. and I took a walk around the place and breakfasted also – we sat until 12 talking over matters of common interest and at 5 we went to the prayer room in the barracks about 2 miles from his Bungalow where it was purposed to preach the gospel – our soldier brother had invited several and we were glad to see 5 or 6 come in  - we both spoke a little and after the meeting I felt led to speak to two of them and got them to read a few verses in Romans X and before we left the room both confessed the Lord Jesus and we trust are truly converted to God. You may judge how much we were cheered and encouraged and filled with thanksgiving for this fresh expression of the boundless love of mercy of our God and Father who still finds his joy in saving sinners – even such as He draws to His own dear Son.

D.V. I leave here again morning for Cawnpore and Allahabad which I expect to reach on Tuesday morning – then I go to Agra, Ajmere and Bombay – then across the Southern part of India to Madras and Bangalore and hope to reach Calcutta by the end of the year. It is a flying visit indeed and as far as business is concerned I could profitably spend a year or two instead of a few months. It has been a most delightful time for all the northern part, not nearly so cold as last year when I was a month later. The whole journey from that eventful August 2 and the moment's bewilderment we had, seems to have been favourable in every way and all the way along – I never had such an apprehension before of the marvellous way in which God makes all things work together for good to them that love Him – I often feel these are strange words for our lips, but we know the secret – "we love Him because He first loved us". The Lord graciously keep us in the love of God until we shall be face to face with that dear Saviour who brought that love down to us and it and will be throughout eternity the perfect expression in Himself of all that God is. You will receive this about Christmas time and I shall picture you together at 10 Oxford Park with all the dear children and Arundel and Harriett around you and Eliza & Mr Robertshaw if they are in Ifracombe – well there is one thing I can say in all sincerity "God Bless You all".

Expect dear Harry and Emma will feel a little widowed from being away from the family, but you will have sent them a basket of comfort I expect which will remind them of your love.

Allahabad Nov. 28th

I should like to give the dear children some expression of my love too so I commission you to take £12 from my next remittance through P.F.&Co. and give dear Arundel & Harriett£5 to be equally divided between them and dear Harry & Emma. The same and give shillings for each of the dear little ones with lots of kisses of love from dear Grandpa – I hope this may reach you in time for your Christmas gathering so that you may be able to give them this little present on that occasion. Harry's you can send in a P.O. order. I will write the boys next week – hope to receive the two weeks letters at Ajmere in 2 or 3 days – do not like not having a letter as usual. I spent a very happy time with dear Col. Beckett and arrived here as arranged yesterday morning – Saw George Petter's son who is living in this place and after a very interesting meeting with the saints at the room last evening went and dined with the Petter family. Today I move on to Agra – business continues encouraging and altogether God does make all grace to abound on every side and I expect if I could hear your answer it would be as on another occasion "same here" – God Bless you all my beloved ones, wife, children, grandchildren and all our friends and with a double portion for yourself and believe me my beloved Angee.

Ever your very affectionate Husband

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