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November 18th, 1888

Delhi, Lord's day

My Beloved Angee,

I am thankful to have had a day's rest from all the turmoil connected with the work and travelling and such has been granted to me today through mercy. Wrote the dear boys in the morning and Emma and Mildred. There is no gathering in this place, so that I was alone, but a gentleman connected with one of the large shipping houses in London residing here and upon whom I had called drove up about 11 and invited me to drive with him this evening, but I declined the kindness. During our lunch at the Bungalow there was only one other gentleman present and in conversation I found he was connected with the Post Office and so mentioned the names of Mr Wait and Mr Monteath who were of course well known to him – I also happened to ask him if he knew Mr Goodwin of Ajmere and he replied. Why I saw him at the station a few minutes ago – he has just come to Delhi – this was a dear brother I met at the Conference at Patiala last year and afterward at his home at Ajmere. You may remember about his wife having broken her arm and the native servant. Well I went on the hunt and soon found him and our joy was mutual at seeing each other's face. We have been with each other all the afternoon and evening and he has just left my room – we have prayed together, read together and sung a few hymns together – "And is it so, I shall be like Thy Son" "Father thy Sovereign love has sought" and "Christ delivered us when bound" – was it not good of the Lord to bring him here today and order things so that I should find him. D.V. I am hoping to call at Ajmere next week on my way to Bombay and shall probably spend a few hours with him again – once more with much love to you my beloved wife and all our dear ones believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband

I was thinking that if any may wish to read the little notes of my travels some extracts might be made from my letters of that which may be of interest to others – I don't know that any will care to do so, but perhaps dear Edward Harris and some of those in Cornwall would like to see it and dear Thatching of Faversham and Hunt of Chatham. Perhaps Arundel could look through them for this purpose – I only suggest. I have not written any account to others.

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