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March 9th, 1888

Cocanada, India

My Beloved Angee,

This is a little port like Padstow where we have called for cargo, so I have come ashore for a few hours and find that there will be a chance of you getting this note by next week's mail which I know will be some little comfort to you. The ‘Asia' is a very comfortable steamer and I have about the best cabin that has ever fallen to my lot and alone too and the food is very good. Two dear brethren accompanied me to the ship on leaving Madras last Wednesday and prayed with and for me in my cabin and then returned to the shore – I shall never forget Madras – God gave abounding mercies in all parts of India but they were crowning mercies at Madras.

We have about a dozen saloon passengers going to Rangoon – among them two German nobles – one of them a Baron and a personal friend of Bismarck and his two sons – we have had very interesting chats and he seems much interested in my travelling for biscuits – I was telling him about our providing the French with Biscuit during the late war with Germany – he said, Yes, I know it – Bismarck told me of it and not only did England provide her with Biscuit but with many other contraband material beside. He seems full of apprehension of war and says it must soon come.

This is such an interesting place – native and no mistake – it gives a better idea of Indian life than the larger places – few Europeans here. Have done some business, so that the call was not in vain – am very glad too that you will be able to get a note if only a pencil one – much love to you all and believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

Our steamer anchored about 5 miles from the shore this morning and I came here in a steam launch – the bay like a mill pond and the coastline with all its beautiful tropical foliage down to the water's edge was really cheering - we came up a canal to the town and for about a mile it was dotted with thatched huts where the natives were living by the water's edge and their fishing nets hung up to dry made a very pretty picture. I know how Arundel and Harry would enjoy the sight, but don't know how they could stand the frying - we hope to arrive in Rangoon in 6 or 7 days.

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