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February 18th, 1888

Madras, India

Dear Beloved Angee,

Mail day will soon be here again and I have to be careful not to leave too much work for the last day, so having a quiet moment to spare thought I would begin my weekly letter to your dear self. I have written the boys each a letter and a few lines to many. My last will have informed you of my arrival here and the kind reception I met with on the beach. We had a nice reading together that night and the following evening the hall they had taken was well filled for the gospel and again last night. There appears to be a movement in Madras among the Christians in the sects, who are dissatisfied with what they are getting and there is among them a real spirit of enquiry for the truth. There are about a hundred that come together on Lord's Day afternoons at the same Hall I have been preaching in and last night before the meeting commenced a gentleman among them asked me if I would preach the gospel to them on Lord's Day afternoon and as they did not touch my liberty as the Lord's servant in any way I have engaged to do so if the Lord will.

It is remarkable that the few gathered ones here have never been able to get any in to the gospel and now the Lord seems to have so ordered it that from 50 to 70 have been made willing to come and it may be more will yet be brought. Last night I was deeply interested to find that two Hindoos were outside on the balcony, a father and a son. They knew English and so were able to understand what I was speaking about. It was remarkable how I was led in speaking from Isaiah 45 (the end) to dwell upon the thought of the one only loving and True God, not knowing that any heathen were present. A brother in fellowship – who knew them to be exercised and had invited them to the preaching afterward asked me to speak with them and I did so and feel much interested in them. They were both splendid men naturally. I had arranged to leave here next Wednesday but a cable received from P.F.&Co. yesterday requests me to await arrival of samples which will detain me for another week at least beyond the time I had purposed. It may be that this is the Lord's own ordering and we know "His every act pure blessing is", "His paths unsullied light".

I have been trying to find the gentleman Garthwaite residing here who came out on the "Ganges" with me, a nice Christian – he is inspector of schools for the Madras Presidency – have not succeeded yet in finding him. It is getting warmer again and in a few weeks will be very hot – I hope to get away however before February is out. I am still a little in the dark as to their intentions beyond Rangoon, but expect their next letter will give their mind. My impression is they do not think much to of China and I would much prefer going to the Colonies again than on the China seas just now. However, the Lord will guide and for this I pray continually. It may be I will return to England, if so, amen.

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