Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

January 28th, 1888

Calcutta, India

My Beloved Angee,

The English mail is late this week. Instead of arriving here on Thursday it did not get to Calcutta until this (Saturday) morning. My heart went out in thanksgiving to our gracious God as I read the budget from your dear hand and others enclosed with it. Could not think at first when the letters were handed to me at the P.O. whatever the bulky letter was from Charlie and I stuck to it for some little time that there must be more for me, not thinking of your being directed by Charlie. I should indeed have been glad to be present at the party to have gone around the world in that interesting way, so very different to the actual experience of it. Well, I have had a busy week's work and through mercy have not been without encouragement, but it is downright hard work and glad enough I am when bed time comes for my body to lay down for rest. We have had meetings every night for the week except Tuesday and I have spent two evenings with Monteath's, who are all very kind indeed. On Wednesday after the reading at the room I set off with them to their house for a little refreshment and then accompanied them to a drawing room reading at some gentleman's house who had desired for Monteath to come and read the Word to them about the Lord's coming. There were several present – some officers and others in high position, but mostly Christians in the Established Church. We spent an interesting time for about an hour or so after a little food. Mr & Mrs M. drove me to my hotel and then returned to their own house.

A young lieutenant called Senior who was present called upon me the next day and came up to the Fort on Lord's day afternoon to preach to some of the soldiers and to lunch with them, which I have promised to do. He seems to have a real heart for the Lord. Mr Monteath is deeply taught in the truth and I have greatly enjoyed and have been much refreshed by his ministry. They return to England in a week or so and I should be glad if I were going on board with them for home once more. I am very sorry to hear about the old Bank and scarcely expected things were so bad as Arundel tells me. I have felt however for some time that they were not prospering, although I cannot understand them losing so much money. It is very fortunate winding up you note holders and depositors though calamitous to themselves and especially for the late addition of the partnership roll.

Mr Robertson did not give me any address, so I did not know where to write him. I sent a note for him to Singapore and hope he may get it.

Lord's Day Evening, Jan., 29th

The time passes very rapidly with me and the weeks begin and end with scarcely any perceptible middle to them. The Lord graciously filled my heart this morning with a sense of His love as manifest in His sufferings on the cross and at the room we were all made to feel the blessedness of His presence which did indeed call forth praise and thanksgiving and worship from all our hearts – no discordant note – it was most refreshing to us all. A few weeks after I returned to the Hotel Lieut. Senior previously referred to called and I went with him to his barracks in the Fort. I had Tiffin with him in his own private room – we had a nice conversation and I found he was a very intimate friend of Carl Albrecht of Bristol – well known to Arundel I think. Another young Lieut. For the Gospel meeting - we had only soldiers and they were interested in the Word – most of them were believers. After this I went to our brother Mr Biss's at 4.30 for tea – this is the brother whose family are at Bournemouth and is so well known to the Miss Smiths who are staying at Ilfracombe in the Summer. Met many of the brethren there and a cousin of Mr Hand's whose name I do not remember for the moment (Williams I think). We all went to the room together for the Gospel at 6 and God filled it - and I trust some desolate hearts there got filled too. In the afternoon too I met a poor prodigal son, now a soldier, called Macrow, the son of a brother in fellowship who wrote me if you remember just before leaving England. I was glad to find that he wrote his father last week. He promised to come to the preaching this evening and I hope he was there, but I did not observe him. Lieut. Senior, this brother's officer was there.

So the day has begun and ended – a day of gladness indeed in the joy and love of our saviour God – the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. I should love to answer the enclosure to my loving correspondents, but shall hardly be able to do it by this mail. My other work is especially heavy, so they must wait for another week. Thankful to hear from dear Mary that you are looking so well.

January 31st

Must now close this letter and trust it may find you all well – suppose you will receive it about the 17th or 18th as the mails are accelerated from this month. Shall be in Madras by the time it reaches you D.V. and from there purpose going to Rangoon in Burmah, so that please God I hope to get into China soon now. Mr Robertshaw is probably there by this time. – I hope he is enjoying his flying visit  - he will be entitled to be styled as a G.G. instead of G.T. i.e. Globe Galloper instead of a Globe Trotter. Tell Eliza to give him my very kind love when she next writes. Mr & Mrs Monteath have for England next Lord's day, I have greatly enjoyed the little time spent with them. Now with much love to you once more my dearly beloved wife and all our dear ones, believe me,

Being very affectionate Husband.

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