Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

November 23rd 1887


My Beloved Angee,

My letters this week are at Lahore and I am proposing to leave for there by mail train this evening (Wednesday) arriving Saturday at 5pm. The distance is a little over twelve hundred miles due North and I expect the climate to be different from this, so shall provide warmer clothing. The weather is much cooler here now and I am sorry in one way that the work here is finished as everything is comfortable at the Hotel. Mr Pile has returned and came in with another dear brother last night and sat with me until 10.

We had quite a little company at the preaching last Lord's Day evening and much interest. The young convert has asked for fellowship at the Lord's Table and seems very bright. But they will ask her to wait for a little though thankful for the desire found in her heart to remember the Lord at His own Table. A dear brother, well known and much esteemed in India called Col. Seaton[1] came out in the Victoria a week after the Ganges and had a fall on board the ship causing some internal injury. On arriving in Bombay he was taken to the house of some friend in the neighbourhood and died. It appears that he only knew Mr Pile and was aware that he was not in Bombay, so none of the Brethren here knew anything about it until after his funeral which is a great sorrow to them – his wife and family are in England – what a cup for the poor widow to drink. We prayed for her last night that all the consolations and sympathies of Christ may be ministered to her and her dear children in the bereavement. It is not the same person who a few years ago resided near us.

I trust that you are keeping well and all our beloved children. I hope that I may get a letter from you at Lahore. I had proposed going from here to Karachi by steamer, but there is none until Friday, so I have decided to leave that for the present as I am anxious to get to Calcutta, as that is the most important place in India. Have now a busy job in stamping 30,000 circulars P.F.Co. sent me and am thankful they are all posted.

Through mercy I am well and think that I have gained all the flesh I have lost during my stay here. God even our Father bless and preserve you my beloved wife and all our beloved children and believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband


[1] Possibly Lt. Col. A.R. Seton of the Royal Engineers

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