Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

December 11th, 1887


My Beloved Angee,

I did not expect to stay here long, but felt so fagged on arrival, that a few days rest was a real necessity. Through the Lord's mercy I have had this and the greatest attention and kindness from Mr & Mrs Markwick(?) the master and his wife at the hotel who have indeed ministered to my need in a most loving way. He even bringing me eggs beaten up with milk and brandy about 3 every morning. The long railway journeys and cold nights and irregular meals had made me feel very weak, so that I required nourishment every 2 or 3 hours. Now through the Lord's tender mercy and care I am feeling quite well again. A letter from P.F. & Co. here, replying to mine from Aden when I told them I was poorly – they said "If when this letter reaches you, you are not feeling quite well do not hesitate to take all the rest and refreshment necessary."

Have been very successful with the business here and it is well that I came for one large firm has just written the works in reference to business. On calling upon this concern I found the managing partner was an old friend, a son of Mr. Griper's[?] of Tavistock well known to me 10 or 15 years ago. He was inspired and delighted to see me as I was him and I expect our business with them and then other branches at Lucknor will be very satisfactory. Yesterday he invited me to dine with him. He has been in India for several years and just returned from a visit to England bringing back a wife. Her father is called Fuller and a very old and esteemed friend of mine and one of the most respectable travellers in the West of England – representing a London drapery house and well-known to many. He had a business in Tavistock for many years, but gave it up I think. On being introduced to her last night I was struck in a moment with the familiarity of her face and voice, but thought it must be some fancy of mine and I had never seen her before. However, as our conversation went on we discovered that we were staying at the Shepherd's Hotel at Cairo at the same time and sitting near each other at meals for many days. They remained there a little while on their way out. They were very kind and wished you were here to stay with them while I was in these parts. It was quite a little cheer to spend an hour or two with them.

Tomorrow D.V. I leave by night mail at 1.30 for Lahore and shall have two nights in the train, but will provide some food to take with me this time.

How I should like to be home for a little while – I must confess to getting very homesick sometimes, but it is a great comfort to my heart to know that you have a comfortable house and are well provided for and that our dear children are comfortable too. There is much about the travel and the business that I enjoy, but the loss of all home love and comforts is great. But I will not complain for the Lord whose marvellous goodness and care over me fills my heart with thanksgiving and praise, knows all about it, and all are blessed who trust in Him.

Once more with much love to you my dearly beloved Angee and our dear children and friends, believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband


I have written Arundel same mail.

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