Malta, Egypt, India, Burma…

November 16th 1887


My Dear Harry,

I was very glad to receive your letter by the last mail with enclosure from dear Emma and am thankful to hear such a good report of your affairs. The last mail day was quite a feast day I'm sure, for there was also a letter from dear Mama and Arundel and encouraging words from headquarters. So that in spite of the extreme heat of this place I was able to give thanks and take courage. It would be outside my powers of description to relate the peculiar character of the native trade of this great city. I must get a photo of the bazaars and talk to you about it on my return please God. I have done a splendid business in Bombay and have many days yet before it is finished.

My native servant is a great help to me in looking after my show room and all sorts of things – have encouraged him to accompany me through India. The business matters puzzled him a great deal at first and when a native would make an appointment with me to call and see my samples I should tell him to make a note of it in his little book and occasionally he could not make out his own writing, so I had to speak sharply. One morning he said "Massa engaged me for servant work – we understand that – me no understand merchant work and then Massa speak loud and make me unhappy". However, we get along nicely and he is a decent fellow and will soon understand merchant work I think as well as the personal service.

When you next see Mr Cochram[?] of Brighton, he will be interested to hear of my meeting a young fellow who formerly lived with him, at one of the larger European houses in Bombay called Philips Bros.  I forget his name for the moment, but his father is a tea traveller for Hobarn's of London. I propose going to Kurrachi [sic] next week by steamer (3 days voyage) and then to take the Indus Valley Railway to Lahore and work through all the leading places, such as Delhi, Lucknor, Cawnpore, Banares down to Calcutta where I hope to reach in January. It is very interesting to see all the natives here, the colours of their attire are very pretty. They are all nice looking, some of them very handsome faces. The Parsees are a special caste occupying very prominent positions of trust and know the value of education and mostly speak English. Have had a good deal to do with them and like what I have seen. You know they were originally from Persia, driven out of that many centuries ago by the Mohamedans and fled into India. I was speaking to a large Parsee merchant yesterday reminding him that a Persian King Ahasuerus (Book of Esther) once reigned over India and he was well acquainted with the fact.

Now with much love to you my dear Harry and dear Emma and the children and commending you all to the care and mercy of God our Father – believe me once more.

Being very affectionate Father.

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