1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


May 3rd, 1887

On board the S.S. "Menmuir"[1] at sea

We left Sydney last Thursday April 28th and are consequently out about 5 days - I am very comfortable and enjoying the ocean again - the weather is very fine and we are made to feel that we are nearing the Equator every day. I have written many sheets of paper with all the little incidents of the voyage which you shall have from Singapore when completed, but I am hoping I may be home almost as soon as that will reach you. Through mercy my health keeps good, although the sudden changes of climate in Australia were very trying and my work was very laborious in every way, so that the rest I am now getting is very acceptable. We call at one of the Queensland ports tomorrow where an opportunity of posting a letter is given us, so thought I would take advantage of it, so as to send you a line. I trust you and all our dear ones are well and anticipating, in the mercy and goodness of God, soon to see your dear face once more and with much love to you all believe me my dearly beloved wife.

Being very affectionate, Husband.

We are now passing through the Great Barrier Reef extending northward over 1,500 miles - the coast scenery is very grand and will increase in interest as we near the tropics and all through Java - we stop there 3 or 4 days the Captain tells me.


[1] The Eastern and Australian Steam Ship Company's regular Sydney-Hong Kong passenger and cargo ship (source: http://www.australiana.org.au/Resources/Documents/magcontents2086-04b.htm [retrieved 14/11/2012 13.59])

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