1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


April 27th, 1887

Sydney, Australia

My Beloved Angee,

Packing up time has come again and tomorrow I propose taking my departure to Singapore, a place continually in my mind for the last 2 months or more as I expect it has been in yours too, as my next address. I am told the scenery between here and Java is some of the finest in the world - we call at many of the Queensland ports on our way to Port Darwin and stay 2 or 3 days at some I hear, so that I shall have an opportunity of seeing the various places. My labours here through the abounding mercy of God have surpassed anything I have hitherto met with and will no doubt surprise and please P.F.Co. greatly. They sent me a cable here a short time ago on receipt of my first batch of orders from New Zealand - commencing with the word "Bravo" - rather startling for P.F.Co. such an expression of delight - I don't know what word they will use for the remaining orders from New Zealand which were much larger and for Melbourne and Sydney. My orders for this place alone will amount to between eleven and twelve hundred pounds sterling - a good haul is it not?

We have had a nice time too in the gathering which is very large and all the saints appear to have been much refreshed.

I have written P.F.Co. privately by this mail saying my mind is set on returning home from Singapore and that I do not propose touching India now as I am sure from reports I should not be able to work there during the intense heat of summer - have also given them a notification of my purpose to leave Singapore on June 23rd by P. & O. steamer - calling at Aden, Port Said July 20, Suez - Malta July 24, Gibraltar July 28 - Plymouth Aug 1st and letters addressed to me as passenger on board P.& O. steamer for England to care of their agent at the various ports where dates are given will find me - the dates are of course about but may vary according to circumstances - I shall be glad to see your dear face once more at Plymouth and if Arundel can come with you well or Harry if he happens to be free. P.F.Co. will probably write me to Duke of Cornwall Hotel where I should look out for you. I do not as yet know the name of the steamer, but shall advise this later. It will have been just 12 months if I reach Plymouth early in August that I have been away - well I shall have a lot to tell you of all the countries and peoples seen since then - God has been good to me and if any upon the earth can sing "How good is the God we adore" I can sing it through grace.

This is a beautiful place, such a magnificent harbour and for some months past they have been having abundance of rain which has been a great mercy to them all. We take 20 days to reach Singapore - what a time! Expect to have about 3 weeks there - all will be different from the colonies which are all so home like. If I get the chance of a mail on the way you shall have a line although I hardly expect to have the opportunity. God bless you again my dearly beloved wife and our dear children and believe me once more.
Your very affectionate Husband

Had tea with a son of Mr. Frean's last night a few miles out - they have a congregational minister living near them called Collier recently from Wadebridge who appears to know me.

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