1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


February, 1887

Auckland, New Zealand

We arrived here on Saturday morning about 8 after a most delightful voyage from the Sandwich Islands occupying a fortnight - the ocean was like a mill pond all the way and the testimony of the Captain and officers was that they had never had a finer passage and I heard one of them say they had never had such a quiet company on board before and it is the first time the gospel had ever been preached on the deck. This is a lovely place and the height of summer and it does seem strange to see the trees and flowers and beautiful ripe fruit – also such vegetables as kidney beans and peas. We are staying (Mr. Arundel and I) at a plain homely hotel called the Prince Arthur and everything is so thoroughly English - furniture, pictures and bedrooms and as to the food, I have not tasted the like of it since I left home last September - all cooked just as it is in England - the shops too are all after the English pattern and we hear nothing of dollars and cents now but pounds shillings md pence. I was surprised to find such a large meeting here - there are about 250 in fellowship, called on some of the leading brethren yesterday and greatly enjoyed the meeting this morning - English times and faces and voices almost made me feel like being not far away from Ilfracombe, but I did not see one face that I knew at the meeting. One lady however who had lived in Bristol knew Henry. D.V I preach at the gospel tonight and my friend Mr. Arundel has promised to go with me. He remains here until Wednesday when he goes to Sydney, we have become much attached to each other - he has a coloured manservant who always accompanies him - he took him as a lad from one of the Islands about 12 years ago, they are wonderfully attached to each other - Nronga as he is styled is a believer and manages to get pretty close to us in many of our conversations - Mr. A. and I had a little prayer together last night and this dear fellow came in too and seemed very happy. Mr. Gall lives about 15 miles from here and is expected in tomorrow - shall be very glad to see his face. Tomorrow D.V I make a start for the business again and hope I may be as successful as in America and Canada - shall remain here about 5 or 6 days then move on South to Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin then Tasmania and Melbourne where I shall hope to get some letters from you once more. There is a mail to England in the morning so thought I would make sure of it and finish this letter, in two parts, this afternoon. Trust it will find you all well. They have had it intensely hot here for the last 3 months and no rain - I hardly knew what to do for the heat yesterday but we had heavy rain in the afternoon and all night so that it is much cooler today for which I am very thankful - I am burnt pretty nearly the colour of a nigger[1] but have not lost flesh in passing through the tropics, although the surprise is that I am not melted away with the profuse perspiration which I am told is a good thing. I heard the mosquitoes singing about my head last night but I am not aware that they touched me.

Once more with much love to you my dearly beloved wife and our dear children, Arundel and Harry, dear Harriett & Emma, and all the darling children and all dear friends believe me my dearest Angee.

Being very affectionate Husband

Sent letters to P.F. Co. who will probably write me next to Singapore


[1] We recognise that this is an offensive term today. However, Edward Petter used the term "Nigger" as a neutral term to refer to black people. It is clear from the context that no negative connotation is implied. The use of the term on this website does not condone the modern usage. See further here.

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