1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


January 29th, 1887

Samoan Islands, Pacific Ocean

We are now within a day of above group, so thought I would scribble a few more lines by way of supplement - It is Pacific weather now and no mistake and it is amazing to see the passengers and their clothing - last night all I could bear was a sheet to cover me on the mattress but have had to abandon everything in the way of shirts. It is very enjoyable however and we are like one family - Mr. Arundel and his cousin are very nice gentlemen - I get on capitally with them, we shewed each other our stock of likenesses yesterday - he has 2 daughters (Mr. A) he seemed very much taken up with his names sake (Arundel) and his little group. He gave us a lecture on the Pacific Islands last night which was very interesting - he is a very first class man and a F.R.S.S.[1] of England. It was very interesting to hear an account of the missionary work on the Islands - many of whom he is well acquainted with - he is himself connected with the London Miss. Society and is a lovely spirit. Our ship is kept spotlessly clean and the officers are such nice fellows - was with the Captain last night in his room until after 11 - he is a thorough unbeliever in Christ but listened to my talk patiently - he is a wonderfully fine fellow called Morse about 3 years younger than I am but with great experience in trading all over the world - we are now about 6 days from Auckland so shall soon set foot D.V on New Zealand territory now. We passed over the equatorial line last Wednesday so are now breathing the air of the Southern hemisphere. Once more with much love to you my dearly beloved wife and all our dear children believe me.

Your very affectionate Husband


[1] Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society (?)

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