1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


January 3rd, 1887

Palace Hotel, San Francisco

I wrote you and the boys last from Salt Lake City which I left on Tuesday evening the 28th inst. arriving in this City on Thursday morning about 1 1. The changes of climate have been very extreme and sudden - the mountain altitudes too have been great, so that altogether my body is beginning to appreciate the rest and the summer weather we are enjoying in this place - it is just like our June or July. Am recovering from the cold and sore throat I suffered from for many days - the throat experience was quite a new one and I hear was occasioned by the alkali of the desert through which we travelled from Denver to Salt Lake. Was very glad to receive all your letters on my arrival here and have had another this morning written from Barnstaple also another from dear Arundel.

On Friday last the day after my arrival I went across the Bay to West Berkeley where Sydney Smith lives. He knew I was coming and so met me at the station with his buggy - poor fellow he was very much affected when he saw my face and so was I on seeing his. His little cottage was not far from the station and on our way we met Mrs. Smith and we were soon inside the house altogether. My visit seems to have been a great joy to them both, as it certainly was to my heart too - the restoring mercy and grace of God have done their blessed work in their souls and while the Lord has preciously given my heart much joy among His beloved saints of late, the cup He gave me in this instance was one of peculiar sweetness I assure you. We had tea together and I remained at their house for the night, sleeping on dear old Grace's feather bed. The boys have grown especially the two younger Honour and Harry - but Sydney is still a little fellow but very interesting - they look after their father's horse and work out of their school hours like little men. Mrs. Smith looks just the same - do not see any change in her as to her body - a great one as to her spirit - poor creature she has had an awful time of it altogether and the marvel is how she has been brought through it all - Mr. S has altered a good deal - gone very gray and his face tells the sad tale of departure from the Lord, but now that he is brought back again, the restoring mercy vouchsafed to him will not only be for his soul's welfare and happiness but for his spirit and body too. He seems to have a few patients to attend to and is diligent in looking after them I judge.

We had a nice meeting here yesterday morning - not large but a few of the brethren seem very bright and it is such a cheer for a brother to call in among them. Also a good time in the gospel last night and several strangers in and some who were turned aside in the Grant matter came in. We have meetings every night for the week either here or across the Bay to Oakland or Berkeley. Propose leaving here on the 15th for New Zealand calling at Honolulu for a day on the way, but I shall be writing you again before leaving so will close this now. Have been out among the merchants this morning and made some appointments to look at my samples.

Glad to hear you keep so well and what encouragement dear Arundel is getting in the business, for which I am indeed very thankful.

Now with much love to you once more and all our beloved ones believe me my dearest Angee.

Being affectionate Husband

I did not get any reply to my cable last week - sent another last night and hope I shall get a word from you soon - the rate is 1/ a word here.

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