1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


December 24th, 1886

Monte Christo Hotel, Salida, Colorado

Have descended about 2000 feet this morning. Thro mercy I had a good night's rest at Leadville last night and felt much refreshed this morning and a few days would no doubt have acclimatised me to the mountain altitude - they say those who do not recover, die, which I can quite understand - all the country is covered with snow. In spite of all the difficulties however I caught my bird i.e. I sold a nice parcel of goods to the best firm there - it will be a homely sight for the Cornish people to see a pile of Peek Freans large tins of biscuits on the top of the Rocky mountains - I booked the order after writing you the second sheet last night. Had a very interesting time on the way down here from Leadville this morning with a fine fellow living in this neighbourhood and quite hope he received Christ as His saviour - my letter this time is a patchwork affair, but you will be glad to get it I doubt not.

Propose leaving here this afternoon for Salt Lake where I expect you will get the next cable from. I am feeling well through mercy and lonely as it is sometimes God gives me to realise that He is my Father and it is no small mercy to know we are the objects of His love and care.

Much love again my dearly beloved Angee and believe me.

Being very affectionate Husband.

Shall be glad to reach San Francisco to get some letters from home.


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