1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


October 21st, 1886

The Grand Pacific Hotel, Chicago

My Beloved Angee,

Your letter of October 8 with one from Harry & Emma are to hand having been sent on to me from Detroit. I am very thankful to hear you are looking so well and are the better for the change - glad also to hear that Harry is getting on with the work and that Emma has had a little change with you for a few days, and has benefitted by it. What boundless mercy of God to rescue poor Hortop from the very hand of Satan as he seemed to triumph in his victory for eternal destruction - what a change - to God ever our Father be all the glory through His dear Son our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have called at Toledo and Cleveland since leaving Detroit on Tuesday morning. I took two nice orders at Detroit but did not get any at Toledo and Cleveland but I think it will lead to business from the latter which is a beautiful city indeed. Came on here through the night in a sleeper and got on pretty well - you would have laughed to see me dress nearly in a lying down position. The firm that gave me such a nice order last year has just given me another and has had some goods through one of our New York wholesale men since. This is a wonderful place - the streets are literally crowded and this Hotel. In walking through the Hall just now was surprised and glad to meet my old friend Mr. Stewart who is here for a few days. He had written me a letter addressed on board the "Servia" on arrival at New York and one at the Windsor Hotel but neither of them came to hand - very pressing invitation to come to Pittsburgh. Sister Mary had a delightful time in crossing with Mr. Stone I shall not be back until about middle of December, so Harry must go with the work until Xmas.

Am keeping well through mercy, but mind you I am not holiday keeping - it is real hard work and I am as anxious about orders as when I just travelled for P.F Co. I do not think P.F. will regret sending me. One thing I know I have done my best. It has been a great comfort to see the saints, although I notice a great difference between the Canadian gatherings and those in America. This place is a godless city - lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God may well be written on its walls. But it is only grace that has made us to differ. And now my beloved Angee once more goodbye with much love to you and all our home treasures believe me my dearest wife.

Being very affectionate Husband

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