1886-87 - USA, Canada, Hawaii, Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Egypt


October 17th, 1886

Russell House, Detroit

You will have received my note from Buffalo a few days ago acknowledging receipt of one received from you there. I see by the papers this morning the account of a storm in England and many wrecks in the Bristol Channel and can quite imagine when you have heard the wind roaring how you have thought upon me and wished me home again. Well, through mercy God has thus far preserved me in every way and prospered me in the work and I have greatly enjoyed it altogether but shall be glad enough to see all your dear faces once more - I look at your photos very often and am glad to have brought them, as they serve to remind and call forth affection for the persons they represent.

Dare say you are comfortably settled in at home again by this time - Arundel tells me that Mrs. Johns has left and gone into a situation which I think will be far better for her than keeping a small lodging house. I shall send my return address on Wednesday as I am not quite decided on my course yet and await a cable from London. This is a beautiful city and I am hoping to do some business here this afternoon - have two appointments then. Enjoyed the day with the saints yesterday and took the Gospel last night and propose to do so again this evening. Trust the Lord may bless the word. Now with much love to you my dearest Angee - dear Harry, Emma and the dear children, Eunice(?), Eliza and Mr. Robertshaw and all the dear brethren, believe me once more.

Being very affectionate Husband

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