1885 - United States


September 28th, 1885

Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Square, New York

I received a letter from dear Arundel yesterday who told me all about the fire in the workshop - am very thankful it was no worse. Glad to find he had been down for the Sunday and was cheered both morning and evening - I do heartily wish to have been at home yesterday – the strife over Grant's matter has wrought complete ruin here - I did not go out yesterday morning - did not feel free to, but went to the sermon in the evening - D & C. Wolstan preached and I greatly enjoyed the gospel, but the company was about one half of what we get at Ilfracombe.

I have seen D.W and a leading Co. here today and told them of my interview with Grant last week - I got clear as to one difficulty with him, the question of old testament saints having eternal life, but a book he (Grant) gave me soon brought another and a far greater difficulty - he held that the atonement was limited to those only for whom Christ was a substitute – a wretched thought because the word says - "He gave Himself a Ransom for all" "He died for all". I had no idea he held this and if I had, should not have remained away from the meeting. Grant is a most singular looking man - the most miserable face you ever saw - but a giant mind - I do not doubt he is a sincere man but his intellect I fear has led him wrong in the things of God - not be known as the result of intellectual research but revealed in force to us by the Spirit who alone can make known the things that are freely given to us of God. I went over the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday last - a wonderful work indeed - also visited the Greenwood cemetery - covering 700 acres - it would be impossible to describe the grandeur of this place - I am told there is nothing like it in the world. Will tell you all about it on my return - Have been hard at work today and opened one good account and hope to open a few more tomorrow with firms I have made appointments with. Trust you are all well - shall be very glad to see you all again - tis rather trying being alone - with much love to you all believe me my beloved Angee. Love to dear Harry & Emma and the dear children.

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