1885 - United States


September 25, 1885

Fifth Avenue Hotel, Madison Square, New York

Mr. Herbert and I left here on Monday evening last by a night train for the Niagara Falls and arrived there by a Pullmans sleeping car in the morning about 9 - we got the bus to the Prospect House Hotel on the Canada side and after a good breakfast our carriage and pair came up for us and we did the whole thing in style - we were very much impressed with the grandeur of the Falls - rapids and whirlpool and all the points of interest and a thunder storm added to the solemnity of it all - at night we felt the vibration of the ground very distinctly, our Hotel being immediately opposite the falls - on Tuesday morning we took a trip in the steamer "Maid of the Mist" and went very close to the falls and I was very glad when the Captain gave orders to return as it was a terrible strain upon my nerves. At 3.30 we left by a Pullman car for Boston about 500 miles, reaching there on Thursday morning at 9 - Mr. Stone had written to a gentleman there who gave us a very hearty reception and drove us in his own carriage all over the City - I also called on the firm we do business with and found they had just received a lot of biscuits.

At 6.30 we left by the Fall River Railway for New York - the railway route was about 50 miles and we then took the steamer and sailed through the Hudson River about 200 miles, but being very sleepy I turned into our state room and had a splendid nights rest, the water was without a ripple. It just would astonish you to see this steamer - we arrived here again this morning soon after 9. At 10 we had an appointment with Mr. Grant - the two Mr. Soizeaux's and a few other brethren - I am very thankful to have seen them for myself. Mr. Stone and Mr. Herbert are going down on board the Etruria tonight as she sails at 6 in the morning. Mr. Stone wanted to know of me just now how I had got on with Herbert – very well indeed I told him - that I had never before had the pleasure of being accompanied by a private secretary who paid all the expenses - I was not allowed to pay a cent. I propose remaining here until Tuesday and shall then go west as far as Chicago calling at a few places back - shall feel rather lonely "I guess" after my friends are gone - shall not soon forget the very great kindness dear Mr Stone has shown me.

I shall be glad to see all your dear faces once more - it seems like years somehow. This is a vast and wonderful country indeed - they do go ahead with anything taken up and their inventive power is really wonderful - Boston is a fine old city and the faces of the people seem so thoroughly English - a good many coloured people are about - many hotels having all coloured servants - many of them very handsome and intelligent. I feel quite interested in them. I trust you are all well and with much love to your dear Arundel and Harry and our loved ones believe me my beloved Angee.

Drop me a line to North Western Hotel, Liverpool for me to receive about 3 weeks from this time.

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