United States, Canada

May 30th, 1900

Calgary, Alberta, N.W. Territory.

My Beloved Angee,

I reached this spot last night about 9 – found a very nice hotel and a very comfortable bedroom – my letters were waiting my arrival and I soon picked out yours which was a little fatter than usual and the contents of yours and the others was cheering and comforting food for my heart and mind. But I am sorry to hear about your sight – your long letter however (I wish I could write such beautifully formed periods) is a good testimony that you are able to use your eyes and hands and brains to good purpose – I trust God may graciously give wisdom to know how to guard and preserve what may be a little impaired about the vision – am very thankful that you are able to enjoy your beef steak after the machine has pulverised it and made it easy of mastication and digestion – I should be very glad to get near that machine for myself as my present grinders are not equal to any but tender meat and that I very seldom taste – but I rub along – sometimes a hard pillow sometimes a soft one naturally not much caring for Robinson Crusoe life although I have to take a good share of it sometimes. This is a well-built town – not so many log huts and wood houses as in some parts recently visited. It is a great cattle ranching country – vast plains of prairie land with good pasture for tens of thousands of bullocks and horses – the Indians are very numerous in this land – saw hundreds y'day in travelling from Macleod to this point – very red many of them – they ride free in any train which will stop and put them down at any spot they wish – the C.P.R. have to keep on good terms with them or they could do a lot of mischief.

You can keep my Income Tax paper until my return unless it comes from London in which case please return it to the assessor in London saying that Mr Petter is in Canada for a few months and left his return for 1900-1 with the surveyor at his residence in Barnstaple before leaving.

Do not think you had better undertake the journey to London – I don't want to forbid it if you would wish to so you are quite free – my only fear was the travelling. Emma's letter is a long one and it was quite a mercy for them to get such nice lodgers and one that was able to nurse her when she was so poorly. Harry has not written me and I fear is not doing much good.

It was very kind of dear Olive to get up early and write me that nice letter I must answer it soon.

You need not trouble about my foreign travels – I shall never go abroad without your full consent my dear. In P.F.'s last letter they refer to the Australian trade as good – many orders are coming to them. God Bless you and so lead your heart to the discovery of what He is that you may be able to say "We joy in God through our Lord Jesus Christ". Called, justified & glorified is the beginning and consummation of his grace to us. Much love to you and all our loved ones and believe me my dearest Angee ever

Your very affectionate Husband

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