United States, Canada

May 25th, 1900

Nelson, B.C. Friday evening

My Beloved Angee,

I wrote you a few lines from Rossland where I left again on Wednesday evening reaching this place about 11am. The carriages were crowded with footballers who continued singing profane songs and behaving more like lunatics than some men – the people here really go half mad with their loyalty and I was thankful to reach the hotel which is very comfortable in every way – the place reminds me a little of Lynton and Lynmouth. The first thing I heard on Thursday morning was that all business was suspended for two days "by order" – hundreds of people left here by a steamer for a gentleman's park about 40 miles up the Kootney [sic - Kootenay] River early in the morning so that we had a quiet day here. This morning I was glad to find the shops were opened – the Hudsons' Bay Company have a fine store in the place and this was the special thing that brought me here. Well I have taken a splendid order from them which has been despatched to London tonight and will cheer their hearts as it has mine. It is necessary for me to stay here until Sunday midnight as the line I have to go over on Tuesday only runs three days a week – I can go on board the steamer at 9 or 10 so that I can get to roost before starting – we land D.V. and take the train at 7 am next morning and then there will be a whole day's travelling until about 10 pm. One gets surfeited with the grand scenery and snow-capped mountains – it is really wonderful to see the difficulties men go through in their search for earth's treasures and the engineering feats accomplished in the way of bridges and railways.

In descending a mountain on Wednesday night we came over what is called a switch back railway – it runs down the mountain in zig zag fashion. The train runs to the point and then switches back and goes down another grade to the next point – I went up this the night before in the dark but came down in the light so that I could see it. There is no meeting here which is a sorrow and a loss to me, altho' my throat and chest have needed the rest I am now getting.

This letter will not reach you in time for birthday congratulations – it is very near now and I do wish my dearly loved wife many many happy returns of the day and I know how your heart will reciprocate every wish in my heart for you.

God has been very good to us – His love is indeed great and His mercy rich and we have proved both the one and the other and His mercy endureth for ever. It is not only what He is for us in connection with his counsels and purposes, but along the pathway across the desert where His secret springs are made to refresh us. I am purposing to send a cable to you on June 1 so that you may receive it on the 2nd, just giving birthday congratulations – I shall send it to Barnstaple in case you will have returned. God bless you and all our loved ones and with much love to you and them believe me my Beloved Angee ever your affectionate Husband.

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