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August 26th, 1899


My Beloved Angee,

In my last from this City you will have known that I purposed going to Brisbane – left Sydney on Monday evening at 6.15 reaching Brisbane on Tuesday night at 11 – Wednesday & Thursday were busy days with me and each evening I got out to a dear brother's house a little way in the country and left Brisbane again on Friday morning at 7.30 arriving here about midday Saturday – this is Saturday so you will judge of my week's travelling alone which is near fifteen hundred miles – the rain and storm has been bad and when about 4 hours from Sydney this morning our train was stopped to inform us that the country ahead of us was all flooded for miles and the lines submerged – boats also had been sent and it was thought that the entire contents of the mail train would have to be carried from one side of the flood to the other which would have taken hours as the land flooded extended for about 2 miles. The prospect was not a very pleasant one to contemplate – after some waiting the authorities decided that the train should attempt to cross and we steamed into the flood but moving very slowly as the water was nearly covering the wheels of the carriages – it was not pleasant by any means because the fear was that the permanent way may have sunk in places and if a carriage or two had rolled over we should have had a very unpleasant time – however we crawled through it and so got relief from the nervous tension – we had it fine in Brisbane and warm but here the incessant rain was causing  consternation – fine weather has set in at last and today is beautifully bright.

Monday August 28th

We had a delightful day yesterday in every way and a great number were able to be present at the meetings. The Lord's work is a prospering one in this City such as I have rarely witnessed – their love is abounding indeed. The Lord preserve it for His own delight and keep out anything that would mar the freshness. Mr Lowe's brother is giving great distress to many which is not to be wondered at as his associations are really with open brethren or anybody indeed and it has been manifest for a long time that his heart is not with us but is caught with this idea of service in India in which his wife and daughter are really the leaders. Well time will make all manifest – I should not blame him for the work he has entered upon and says he has been called to, but what I do blame him for is in remaining a moment with a company he is not really with in heart and not openly and honestly owning his association with those he is really working with. Received a long letter from dear Mr Childs at Christchurch last week where those who have a godly care for the saints have been greatly distressed by Mr L's movements there just recently.

Tomorrow D.V. I move on to Melbourne and hope to reach Adelaide by Saturday – my path is becoming clear now and I shall not return via the Cape but D.V. intend to embark at Albany by the P.&O. Arcadia on Oct. 1st or 2nd so that I shall hope soon to be home again now in the goodness and mercy of God. Intend to send a cable to P.F. from Melbourne to say that my purpose is to return by the P.&O. Arcadia which they will repeat to you. Saw Tom Gant on Saturday and y'day afternoon he and his wife came to a reading  - he and his wife are caught in one of the evil novelties which are rampant in these parts – people calling themselves the millennial dawn[1] – she is very full of the no hell doctrine and all not receiving life from Christ will perish, in other words will be annihilated – they promised to come again in the evening but did not to do so.

Aug. 29th

We had a tea meeting last night and a very large company – I do think one of the brightest and happiest I have ever seen – from two of the plain simple brothers the Lord ministered some of the most precious things it was ever my privilege to listen to. The Lord preserve them for Himself.

Now my beloved wife my steps are going in the way of my desires, soon to see your dear face once more – the Lord grant this mercy to us. May He multiply every good thing to you much love and to all our loved ones ever your affectionate Husband.


[1] That is what we now know as the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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