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August 7th, 1899


Your dear letter of July 6th is received today – pretty rapid is it not – considering the 12 thousand miles intervening – I am very very sorry that there was such a long break in my letters – there was no mail from Samoa earlier than the ones that left Auckland a week after my arrival – about the 13th of June and would be due in London about the 15th of July so that my next letter from you will not bring me word of its delivery, as yours will I expect be dated July 13 and this long looked for letter of mine will drop in a day or two after. Was thankful your dear sisters had come in and am glad they are feeling better – I know they will look after you for my sake as well as your own – I have endorsed the Santa Fe dividend warrant and enclose it again to you.

Sorry to hear dear Harry has been so poorly – hope he may soon pick up again. Am a little concerned about him in my spirit sometimes because he never writes me. Poor Mrs Box – I am indeed very sorry to hear of her sorrow but thankful the heart of one of her children remembers her. What a wreck altogether. Such is life.

We have had a snow storm here today – a thing not seen for about 15 years before and very wet and winterly[sic] – I have had a cab for days and was glad of it today especially – through mercy am getting on nicely with my work in Melbourne – was hoping to have finished by Wednesday but cannot possibly leave now until Friday – spent a very happy day yesterday, returning with Mr Quittenden after the morning meeting – they made me very very comfortable and at home – several came to their house in the evening for the gospel – a nice Bingham to take me to the station in the evening – I only mention this because I know you will be pleased to hear of the kindness of others and the cheer of fellowship the Lord gives me or it would be desolate indeed, but I shall hasten the work, as much as possible for your sake my dearly beloved wife as I know what a trial it is for you. I feel much refreshed too bodily having regular meals every day and a comfortable bed every night.

Received a nice letter from Mr Sarl just now giving a good report of our business in the States which I am glad to hear. They are getting on nicely too with Rowntree's goods for which we have the sole agency for the states. Also received a kind letter from a dear brother in New York giving some interesting account of the Lord's work there.

Well I must close up again, although I shall probably add a little more before mail day on Wednesday the 9th.

August 8th 1899

Have had a good time again in the business and busy in getting all the writing done. Much love and the Lord of Peace be with you my dearest Angee and with much love once more believe me ever your affectionate Husband.

Kind love to dear Mildred and thank for her notes.

August 9th

All well God bless you my beloved.

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