United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

May 16th, 1899

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California

My Beloved Angee,

It is quite a job to finish up the work in a city like this and to pack up – I made a start with it y'day and shall not be able to finish until near sailing time tomorrow. The Lord has been very good and given strength for the labour and great encouragement too, so that I know P.F.&Co. will be well pleased. The "Moana" is a very fine ship and I went on board y'day to see my cabin – the steward tells me it is the best location on the ship for the tropics having windows on both sides to admit air. Shall be thankful for the rest on the voyage although my health is good through mercy – have never felt so well in this city before but the weather is really perfect – fine but a nice breeze to keep it cool.

My old friends Shewood have been very kind – he would insist on my going up to his Club to dine today and one day last week – it is a very fine building and all the leading merchants and bankers are there – they are up to the art of living and no mistake everything of the very best, but I would rather sit down to one of your dinners than the best I have seen here. Perhaps you will say that's all very fine but so it is. I shall D.V. write you from Honolulo from which port there are frequent mails to this place so that you will not have to wait much more than a week or two after receiving this – the voyage from Honolulo to Samoa and Auckland only takes about 13 days so that my cable from New Zealand should reach you some time before the Honolulo letter.


Have been busy all the day and soon must close this letter – was glad to receive a nice letter this morning from Emma, Angie & Hilda and very glad to hear that they were all well and preparing to receive some "paying guests". God Bless you my dearly beloved Angee and stay your heart and mind upon Himself and His dear Son. Much love to you my dearest wife.

Being very affectionate Husband

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