United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Sri Lanka, France

May 11th, 1899

Palace Hotel, San Francisco, California

My Beloved Angee,

You will see from the above that I have been brought across this vast continent in safety once more – left Los Angeles on Monday evening and reached here before 9 on Tuesday morning and very quickly got to work. Our old friends Shewood & Shewood[?] of whose kindness in the past you may remember to have heard me speak had called an order to P.F. 2 or 3 days before for 80 cases of biscuits each case containing 12 doz 1 & 2 tins – they had sold them to a company here trading with Alaska whose manager came to the hotel with Mr Shewood and ordered 20 cases more of enamelled tins and a good shipment of Rowntrees goods beside. My last visit here seems to have led to a good business and I hardly know another city where P.F. have taken hold of the trade so successfully – I have been very busy every day and today had not even time to rest a few minutes after dinner – I want to go to Sacramento & St Jose if I can before sailing – the steam ship company have given me a beautiful deck cabin and I hear she carries a full compliment of passengers. I have seen our dear brother kinsman of Oakland and hope to be with them at their prayer meeting tomorrow evening. The weather is very fine and not too hot – California is certainly a lovely climate and the flowers and fruits are a picture on every hand – have had strawberries and cream …

[letter ending missing]

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