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April 17th, 1899

Rossin House, Toronto, Canada

My Beloved Angee,

Your welcome letter and enclosure from dear Mildred reached me this morning dated the 7th – so it has not been very long. My first letter must have been very near you when you were writing your last letter – am very glad you have gone down to Ilfracombe and hope you may derive much benefit again – dear Mildred too – suppose dear Daisy has gone back again by this time – dear child am thankful she was able to spend a little while with you With regard to the 10/ received from P.F. I really had not calculated the exact number of days not knowing exactly where they would start from, but I dare say it is all right. There was nothing said to me about Hilda's continuing the lessons when Angie gave them up – would it not be well to let her learn a little further on  at home under Emma's tuition before receiving the lessons from the master? I only suggest it – do what you think best. I have been obliged to keep indoors for two days since my arrival here suffering from a bad throat – not a cold or any bronchial trouble but an inflamed throat and windpipe – it is much better today and I have been able to be out all the day and have walked in preference to riding thinking it would be better for me – it has been a lovely day – next to the meeting y'day morning and a very happy one it was – heard the gospel in the evening and greatly enjoyed it.

The Gausby's are all well – Ada's two little girls were at the meeting in the evening and said that mother wanted to see me so I walked up with the Gausby's for a few moments. The poor creature is looking very sad and expects to be confined in July – I must not for the moment say more but when I say her blind eyes have been opened to her folly you will know all the rest – only God can help her now and I do pray that she may know Him for her refuge.

Have been meeting with some encouragement again today thro' mercy and am hoping to move on tomorrow for Hamilton and other towns to reach Chicago by another Saturday. Have not been able to devote any time to S&P's furniture book or to Mr Brannam's pottery – I was surprised what a lot of time it occupied as I was getting no allowance for expenses it made one shy in devoting half a day when other business for which I was paid must be neglected – well I write you just what is in my mind, but I do not want to burden you with my business. God give you deeply to enjoy his love - He has told it all out in a very costly way for us – His Blessing & Favour rest upon you and with much love and to all dear friends believe me my dearest Angee.

Your very affectionate Husband

They say you must go from home to hear news – the Gausby's heard that one of my sons intended coming to Canada.

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